Monday, November 9, 2009

Migration From Lotus Notes/Domino to Google Apps

Google introduced the free Notes to Google Apps tool in July to reduce the migration pain for IT people, the Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes is a native Notes database tool that migrates mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your Notes accounts to Google Apps. It is very easy to install, all you need -
  • Domino server 6.02 or higher
  • Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008 or XP (only the server host the migration database need to be Windows-based, not the servers keep the mails)
  • MS Core XML Services 6.0
  • Google Apps Premier or Education Edition

You can download the software tool from Google site which includes two Notes application templates, sign them with administrator id and copy the feeder template to target server, and then create a Google Apps Administration database on target server based on the administration template. Following the manual to create the necessary documents.

There is a bug on current download (R2.0.9) - when creating a Site document the "Migration server" field is unable to enter any name! You will need to use the Domino designer to modify the "Site" form, under the Form editor, go to the "Servers" TAB, double click at "MigrationServer" field -

Click at "Control" Tab and Check the "Refresh fields on keyword change" options, save the change and you are good to go!