Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Create A New Account at POS IN CLOUD

It is very easy to set up a testing account with POS IN CLOUD, all we need is your Facebook or Google ID, no registration processes needed. To start a new account and create your own store please go to our portal site at
Click at the Facebook or Google icon depends on which account you want to connect with.
You will need to click "Allow Access" button to agree our server to access your email address based on your Facebook/Google account.
If you successful login to our system, you will be asked to set up your very first store - store id, store name, language use and the template store you want to test. You can also select a empty store which you will need to import your own items or manually enter all your records.
If everything OK, server will display your activate code(token), to start manage your store you can click at 2nd button to continue
You will need to set up your basic information of your store like address, phone ... etc.
If you selected a template store, you can see the detail item information by clicking at "Item Management" tab.
Please remember your default user name is "admin" and the default password for the system is "1234", you can edit or add your employee settings by going to "Staff Rights" Tab
For more details information you can check our tutorial videos.
For 中文 Chinese version instructions here is the copy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Android-based POS IN CLOUD Set Up Procedure

After you install the App for POS IN CLOUD from Google Play or Amazon App atore, you need to have an active account with us to use the App. To create an account please visit which is also the portal site to manage your stores.
After creating a new account, you will start to build your first store, choose a proper id for your store and select the language you want to use. You can choose a empty store to build from the ground or you can choose a template store to test your App.
You can edit the store items on the portal site or App itself. However, for employee login, tables management, discount/charges management... etc have to be done on portal.

The very first time you run the App, a setup screen will ask for the activation code which you should automatically receive when you register with POS IN CLOUD.
after entering the code, if the code is correct, a pop-up will ask you to select the store you want to install on the machine
It will take 3 to 5 minutes to load the store data into local machine, once loaded you will be able to run the App even offline.
 If you set your "request login" settings on portal as "Yes", then you will need to enter the password on the dashboard login screen, the default password is "1234" if you did not set up the settings on portal. Click at the "head" icon to login after entering the password.
you will be able to use the POS after you success log in
click at the "gear" icon to get into settings screen, choose the "System" section to change the language you want to use, click at "update" button on top right hand side to update.-
To manage Tables
To Manage orders -
Order entry -
Payment screen -

To edit menu items -

To edit item options -