Monday, March 23, 2009

LEI 7.0.1

Due to the upgrade of our main Domino servers from 6.5 to 7.03, I decided to upgrade our LEI too. It was a LEI 6.5 running on a dedicated machine w Notes 6.5 client. The first trial was a LEI 7.0 running on a Domino 7.03 server as a task, I was expecting a better records copy/replication performance which turned out to be a totally disappointed.

Direct Transfer (Oracle2 to Oracle1) 1,000 records/min (each record has 90 columns)
Direct Transfer (Domino to Oracle1) 12,000 records/min (each record has 25 columns)
Replication (Oracle1 to Domino)
Replication(Oracle2 to Oracle1) 1,000 records/min (each record has 25 columns)

Oracle1 and Domino are under same 100M LAN
Oracle2 connected thru WAN by 2 T1

Compare with SQL Loaded used on Oracle1, the pumping speed -
1,000 records/sec with 13 columns
2,500 records/sec with 3 columns

The LEI 7.0 has a big bug - the daily scheduled task only run every other day! I had to switched to LEI 7.0.1 to had it fixed. This is a terrible product release Quality Control, and it happened on the IBM's product!

For database has records fewer than 100K, LEI is not a bad choice, however, if you have millions records need to upload or replicate, just forget about LEI. I believe the problem come from the LSXLC which has very poor data processing performance! Even ODBC driver has much better performance. Maybe it's time for IBM to rewrite the LSXLC.

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