Friday, May 22, 2009

X60 goes internet thru HTC FUZE 3G

Got my AT&T FUZE couple days ago, since I will be on the road very soon, just want to make sure the 3G data network will allow my laptop to access internet by "sharing the internet" function to save some of the hotel internet surcharges. However, after I connected it thru USB with my IBM X60, it kept giving me - "Cannot Connect. The Remote party has ended this connection...." error message!?

After Googleing -

First,need to download the REGEDIT program for the Windows Mobile 6.1, which can be found at

pick "PocketPC 2002/2003 (ARM/PXA)

Modify [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing\settings]
original setting is "AT&T ISP". Change it to "Media NET"

Restart the Windows Mobile, connect to laptop thru USB, choose "Internet sharing" when connection windows pop-out, make sure your 3G data network is ON.

My laptop started surfing the internet thru 3G!!! Tried couple YouTube videos, speed is pretty good, no delay at all!

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