Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Install Lotus Domino Server 8.5.1 on IBM Cloud

Started from January 25, 2010 IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud is opening a new Pilot Service for selected customers. Whoever with or without cloud experience should deem this as a great opportunity to be the first few people to taste IBM Cloud and it is FREE! Follow the instructions on front page you should be able to register and get the right to create your own application server(instance) on IBM cloud right away!

It is easy to create an instance on IBM cloud, even faster than Amazon EC2, however, there are not too many choices for OS, I chose SUSE Linux Enterprise v10 SP2 and Redhat Enterprise Linux (32-bit) v5.4 to begin with. Following video is the best tutorial to teach you how to connect to your own instances by SSH client: putty -

My goal is to install the latest Lotus Domino server 8.5.1 on IBM Cloud since there is no image pre-installed for Lotus Domino/Notes yet. After successful log in, you can type
sudo -i
groupadd notes
useradd -G notes notes
to have root access right, create "notes" user and "notes" group, assign "notes" user under "notes" group. Upload the Domino 8.51 installation file(lotus_domino851_xlinux_CZ5RWEN.tar) which I used WinSCP. Find the tmp directory to unzipped the tar file, then type "./install" to start the installation -

tar -xf lotus_domino851_xlinux_CZ5RWEN.tar
cd linux/domino

I used all default choices to complete the install. You can always change to your own setting.

After server software installed, you need to use remote server installation to finalize the Domino server setup, I have uploaded a server id file since I want to use it to replicate big chunk of data to do my testing. Unlike the Amazon EC2, IBM Cloud doesn't support any tool for developers to control the ports. Unfortunately, the port 8585 for Domino remote installation is not open, therefore you have to assign a different port to run, I used port 8080. Or you can always post your request on support forum to ask, the original Domino port 1352 was not opened until somebody asked for it.

/opt/ibm/lotus/bin/server -listen 8080

Find a local Windows Domino server type following command under DOS console
nserver -remote
to start the remote server setup, close the listen job when finish.

After complete the setup, log into the instance by notes id, go to /local/notesdata (if this is your assigned data directory), the type


Congratulations! You have your first Domino server up and running on IBM Cloud!

Type "top -u notes" to show all notes tasks.

A snapshot of the Cloud Domino server under Administrator view.

Set Up Lotus Domino 8.02 Partitioned Servers on Amazon EC2 - Part I

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