Monday, February 8, 2010

PayPal 2.0 Certified Developer

Just passed the PayPal 2.0 Certified Developer exam couple days ago and received a congratulations email from PayPal who also put me on the list of PayPal Certified Directory! I have been using eBay API (Java) to integrate with Lotus Notes applications since 2001, my company was one of the certified eBay developers back then. Early last year due to a emergent custom project, I started to use PayPal API  (PHP). As a matter of fact, PalPal is an eBay company, therefore, some parts of PayPal API are very similar to eBay API, it sure helped me pick up the developing speed a lot! The PayPal Developer Certification needs to pass three exams - Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro and Payflow Gateway. I am very luck to become one of the six certified developers in New York area.

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  1. I need some Integration Of Paypal with XPages application. Will you help on this?